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Feb 6, 2010

Child talk = Mom blushing

It's wonderful to 'ooh' and 'aah' over babies. The ratio of cuteness is inversely proportionate to their age - the older they are the less 'oohing' and 'aahing'.

I have discovered why today.

As you all know, my social calender is busy over the weekdays with Chini and me; and over weekends with Arun, Chini and me.

I always assumed my child loves playing with other kids, discovering new toys, relishing tasty food and visiting new places.

Sadly, I did not realize how, and how much all this affected her.

We were at a over night poker party at a friend's place. After breakfast in the morn, the following conversation took place.

Me: 'Come on Shri, eat. We have to go home'
Chini:'Whose home mommy?'

And a second later, as everyone burst into laughter, it struck me what she had asked.

This has to be funny. If it isn't funny, then it's tragic.

And this, in turn, brings me to the conclusion that as babies grow older, they start thinking. But they have not yet learnt the social norms and conversation don'ts. Thus, with least encouragement, ample enthusiasm and lack of discretion, they come up with toe-cringing truthiness to the adult's utter mortification.

Who, in the above case, was me.

BTW, truthiness is not a real word, in case you decide to use it.

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