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May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today being my birthday, I wanted to write something august or sublime or at least dramatic.

But just like many things my life, this post surreptitiously weaved its way into my writing. Sneaky, naughty words!

I have blithely traipsed for twenty six years now and I intermittently wonder about the moment when I will see myself as an adult: Not merely a young-at-heart, hobnobbing with those worldly-wise and heartly-aged around me.

I'm pretty smart -That is to say, I can find my way in life. But there are times when something is so tempting, that the urge to defy the norms is compelling.

Thus the child in me runs with arms thrown wide, with sparkling eyes, to discover, to embrace, to annoy, to dream and to love.

And the adult in me sadly shakes its head and follows with a smile. I have, grudgingly at first, then with bubbling laughter, accepted that I'm not a cynic, and will thankfully never be.

The wishes have been pouring forth - It's wonderfully warm feeling when someone who is not obliged or compelled, wishes me. To see the wishes, to recognize the words and to realize the love!

Ah! I'm indeed blessed.

My parents love this day - my birth being the cause of their graduation from couple-hood to parenthood. What a momentous achievement even as a vulnerable, bawling baby!

The icing on the cake: Being twenty six has not made me anymore sophisticated or world-wise. In spite of my industrious schedule, I managed to reply to every wish, with the enthusiasm similar to a sweet sixteen celebration.

Except for this one momentous wish, that cleared all the cow-webs away about me being an adult: When my dear, dear friend called me, instead of saying a gracious 'Thank you!', I came up with 'Happy Birthday to you, too'!

:D I so do love myself.


Angry Voices said...

And may you never become a cynic. May you never become senile either. Or silly. No wait, silly you can be. In fact you should be!

Have a happy birthday, si? :D

full_moon_p said...

si, si, silly!

ubergeek said...

LOL - i've almost said something like that once! But that was because I was multi-tasking.

Here is a belated Happy birthday to you!

Deepthi said...

im reading this post almost a month late-and its so cute :) !!! belated happy bday Purni- stay the same !