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Apr 16, 2010

Duck, Duck , Whoosh....

I think my parents forgot to teach me how to run.What with my dad more occupied with smarts and independence; my mom with grace and cooking, they left out sports. I probably shouldn't blame my parents for my disregard of sports. I place it explicitly on my genes. Some have built-in characteristics in their genes- gorgeous hair, creamy skin, slender build etc. I think the sports aspect is also handed down, not learnt.

It's not just the walking and running, it also the other stuff- A friend of mine can throw a basketball anytime and hit the basket unfailingly. My husband can catch anything thrown at him, however haphazardly I might throw it -remote, wallet, ladle...

Me? I duck. I see a Frisbee whizzing at me and my instinct is to duck. I see a ball, duck. Keys? Duck.

You see, it's a game of 'Duck, Duck, Whoosshh' with me, wherein the 'whoosh' is the sound that the thrown object makes, as it flies over my head as I duck.

In that sense, I have excellent instincts- I can zig-zag and hop around in a tennis court for quite a while without actually hitting anything.  I recently played a Wii game where kids kick soccer-balls at you. I was scoring pretty well.

Until my friend explained the rules- I was to hit the balls with my head, whereas I was trying to evade them! But I still managed to score well. Go figure! Poor Aim, my she says. Duck Luck, is what it is.

I went to skiing. Seemed pretty easy when I youtubed some videos prior to the trip.

A-ha! The shoes weigh a ton. The thin plastic planks that you strap on, are pretty difficult to maneuver. And if you think aligning those li'l twig-like-skis in a 'V' will help you stop at will, then double A-ah! So after falling more than two dozen times in thirty minutes, I decided to stop. PS: The cold masks the pain :(

I tired roller blades next. I could barely stand straight. Or stay on my feet, for that matter. But I did try, you see. It's just that I couldn't stop. So I would sail in a straight line and run smack into the surrounding grill to stop myself - much like  Errol the owl flying into the glass panes of the Weasleys' window. This time, I gave up after 10 minutes as there was no cold to mask my pain. Thud = Ouch, instantly.

Cycling piqued my interest next- only to find out that my sense of balance is wanting. I couldn't decide which was shaking more- my hands or my knees. And the cycle never headed where I aimed it.

I think I should stick to racing my husband for the remote control, dashing after my daughter to stop disasters, and chasing  friends with a rolled magazine to teach a lesson. Now these are my kind of sports.

But give me a  book, a shade, and a lemonade, any day.


cho chweet said...

hey tis s something really nice n vry interesting!!! especially tat "Duck,Duck,Whoosh ..." s vry catchy

Angry Voices said...

Laughley! =))

progga said...

I so relate!

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