Drop the struggle and dance with life!

May 22, 2010

Same old, same old.

I have been curiously restless since my birthday and I couldn't figure out why.I was twenty five, now I'm twenty six.
But my routine is the same, my words, my family, my thoughts, my looks, my feelings and my perspectives are still the same.
We never realize that there were expectations - until we are blindsided by disappointments. 
For some bewildering reason, I expected my life to be dramatically, interestingly or at least, infinitesimally altered after my birthday. A dawn of maturity or a bright ray of clarity or a sudden insight into... well, something. But no such thing (or anything remotely like it) has happened yet!

May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today being my birthday, I wanted to write something august or sublime or at least dramatic.

But just like many things my life, this post surreptitiously weaved its way into my writing. Sneaky, naughty words!

I have blithely traipsed for twenty six years now and I intermittently wonder about the moment when I will see myself as an adult: Not merely a young-at-heart, hobnobbing with those worldly-wise and heartly-aged around me.

I'm pretty smart -That is to say, I can find my way in life. But there are times when something is so tempting, that the urge to defy the norms is compelling.

Thus the child in me runs with arms thrown wide, with sparkling eyes, to discover, to embrace, to annoy, to dream and to love.

And the adult in me sadly shakes its head and follows with a smile. I have, grudgingly at first, then with bubbling laughter, accepted that I'm not a cynic, and will thankfully never be.

The wishes have been pouring forth - It's wonderfully warm feeling when someone who is not obliged or compelled, wishes me. To see the wishes, to recognize the words and to realize the love!

Ah! I'm indeed blessed.

My parents love this day - my birth being the cause of their graduation from couple-hood to parenthood. What a momentous achievement even as a vulnerable, bawling baby!

The icing on the cake: Being twenty six has not made me anymore sophisticated or world-wise. In spite of my industrious schedule, I managed to reply to every wish, with the enthusiasm similar to a sweet sixteen celebration.

Except for this one momentous wish, that cleared all the cow-webs away about me being an adult: When my dear, dear friend called me, instead of saying a gracious 'Thank you!', I came up with 'Happy Birthday to you, too'!

:D I so do love myself.

May 13, 2010

Go, Go, Go!

With the new job, I think my blog is going to be 'work-centric' for a while. This week, it's about The Commute.
The things I have seen people do in cars during rush hours:
  • Check face/hair in rear view mirror
  • Pick nose/ear
  • Hold food or drink in one hand and drive with the other
  • Jabber away on the phone
  • Fight with the passenger
  • Fight with the caller on the phone
  • Use GPS 
  • Work on the laptop sitting on passenger seat
  • Read a magazine
  • Yell at kids in the back-seat
  • Bob to the music
  • and finally, look right back at me.
Funnily, not many watching the road.
Scary, eh?

May 8, 2010

The over-due one...

Ah, yes, I missed my blog this week- I had a few not-so-awesome adventures this past week.
Again, not my usual style of writing, but this has to be said:

First there was the phone interview at three noon. Stuffed my daughter with food, exhausted her by vigorous play in the park and put her to nap by half past one. Mission accomplished!

Sadly, she woke up right at three, as I picked up the call. So between the muting, sushing, unmuting, answering - The order was not always streamlined. Thus I did sush the interviewer. And thereby I kissed any chances goodbye.

But hey, I do underestimate myself all the time and I have been known to be wrong occasionally. So, drum rolls please (with streamers and a bow, of course) - I got the job. And the best part was being hired without the dreaded face-to-face.

So, my adventure begins here:
Bad traffic making commute a daily strife: Check.
Tried new routes to work: Check.
Got lost while trying new routes to work: Check.
A few U-Turns: Check.
Turned wrong-way into one way street: Check.
Went in squares around the building to find the entrance: Check.
Went in circles in the 4level garage to find a spot: Check.
Parked in a reserved parking for executives: Check.
Charmed the guards: Check.
Got stuck in the elevator: Check.
Got lost in the huge building trying to find the cafe: Check.
Thought my 36 year old Sr.collegue was 24, and treated him accordingly: Check.

And, the icing on the cake: Peered at the 3 forks, 2 spoons and 2 knives at the hi-funda restaurant team-lunch. Surreptitiously peered further at colleagues to confirm and followed suit.

And a final note: All this did not happen on the same day. They were delightfully spread apart on the said week.

May 3, 2010

Recipie for cutting spouse's hair...

I think this must be one of the most amusing and hilarious moments of my life.

Recipe for Cutting Spouse's Hair.

1 Husband Lacking Hindsight.
1 Impish Wife
1 Gun-like high funda Machine.
8 Extra Hair Attachments.
1 Scissors.
2 Restraining Hair-Clips.
1 Comb.
2 Large, White, Glad Forceflex garbage bags.
1 Paper cape.


-Chase child to living room and tempt her with cartoon.
-Spread the Glad Forceflex bags on the floor next to a Power outlet.
-Plug in the 'Gun'.
-Force the paper cape through Subject's head.
-Place all paraphernalia within handy distance.
-Shove, pat, shake the Subject's head until positioned correctly.
-Place the longest trimmer blade on the 'Gun'.
-Switch on the gun.
-Say a prayer.

1.Start from somewhere, while the subject yells about 'the neck, the neck'.
2.Begin again at the neck and work your way up towards the crown.
3.Repeat step 3 from left to right in parallel lines while subject has second thoughts.
4.Ask subject to hold his ears folded while tackling the temples.
5.If subject says that he never has to do that in SuperCuts, elucidate on the advantages of having two functioning ears - He is your first guinea pig afterall.
6.Stop and see how far you have progressed.
7.Pick another shorter trimmer blade if the hair is too long.
8.Repeat steps 1 to 5.
9.Now comes the difficult part - the crown and hair over the forehead- I admit, as a novice, it had me stumped.
10.Staring uncomprehendingly at it is not productive, so fix the Kozhi Kondai.
11.Take scissors and comb; part 1/2 inch sections with comb and cut sparingly.
12.If subjects says he will go to the professionals at this point, explain to him your superior wisdom from having hair 20" longer than his.
13.If necessary, use one of the restraining hair-clips on his mouth.
14.Finish off with trimming the neck hairline in a straight line.
15.Simmer subject's anger with thoughts of saving money by home hair-cuts.
16.Garnish with subdued giggles.
17.Sprinkle flattery generously.

Time taken: 20 minutes
Serves: 2 insane adults and all the blog readers.

Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.

PS: If you meet the subject, praise the cut. Remember, no bad comments, o.k.? I like my pretty little neck, thank you very much.