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Jan 27, 2010

Will chicken be vegetarian soon?

I don't think I ever told anyone this - I'm a vegetarian who loves chicken.

I’m sure most of you -at least those of you who has invited me for dinner- know that I don't eat meat. (And the rest of you who don't know, invite me soon!)

There is something about a chicken marinated in masala, steeped in spice and simmered to supremeness that drives me insane. But I will not, will not eat it.

You see, there was a time when I could eat the chicken my mom made. With no need to keep up appearances as a blessedly ignorant child, I could get my fingers dirty, my frock stained and my stomach very happy. But since I have to cook now, mom's delicious chickens are no more and since I'm supposed to be a dignified mom who leads by example, only forks me. As to the stomach being happy, if I satisfy my urge and eat the damn thing, I might just throw-up.

Well, I do love my life complicated, and nothing complicates a life more than thwarted desires. You see, I have nothing against a chicken. But everything against me eating it. So how can I love and dispise something synchronously?

My nurturing dad, my devious, scheming dad took me to a slaughter house when I was 12. The age right at the brink of adulthood (I thought becoming teen was 'it'). And I had ideas and ideals. Suffice to say, the place made an impression on me and I gave up meat and fish altogether, to team up with my dad and discover the wonders of ghas-phus (elai-thalai).

Recently, I saw some white stuff growing on the yolk. I did the research. The results resulted in me retiring my taste buds from perfectly golden omelets made with eggs whisked into fluffy submission.

*Sigh. Note to self: Jus bcoz I hv net doesn't mean I shld lookup every.sundry.thing.

Jan 22, 2010

Aayirathil Ooruvan...Paithiyakaran

Friends keep asking me how Aayirathil Ooruvan was.

Surprisingly, it started well, like Mummy and Timeline (arche. dig and missing prof). It was entertaining and novel concept in a Tamil movie. Then the song 'Unn Mela Aasathan'.

Everything goes downhill after that. I don't even want to discuss the trance they go into. Gladiator (the arena scene), Avatar (army, guns against tribals, spears), Da vinci code (hidden society with lost prince), and a little bit of Congo.

I though I was being harsh. This was my opinion before I read the reviews- Indiana Jones must be added to the list too!

Then I read that the team has taken the movie back to the editing table after release as the response was very mixed, the common denominator being confusion.

Besides, too much rape, murder and paint!

I wouldn't recommend it.

Jan 14, 2010

New Year II

I'm not superstitious. But I have never claimed disinterest. I stay awake for every new year, even in the days I wasn't allowed to be. But this new year's eve, I was so tired from all the parties (combined with the fact that New year's day party was at my place), I hit the bed early.

I had a frightening sense of foreboding that would not go away.

On Friday morning, I was up early, getting ready, getting my daughter ready, cooking, cleaning and straightening the home for the guests. And Arun? Well, he hates all of the above with the same intensity I reserve for learning SQL. Guess what he was up to, to weasel away from work? On the computer; talking to Dell. He decided to fix the slow comp and crashed it. Grr. That's double jeopardy - the first being no help from him, the second being no FB, mail or news.

This does not bode well for the rest of the year. What if everyday is supposed to be a different version of the first day of the year?! What if I have an endless list of things to do that I don't want to do? What if I never get to have my morning cuppa in peace?

Now I had to tilt the tables and fix things before the day ends. I made Shri mad at me (disgustingly easy). She runs to her dad and then I suggest he take her out. (I'm positively Evil, eh?) She looked at him with delighted expectancy. I looked at both of them with self-satisfied expectancy. I do so love everything neatly wrapped up. Especially in my favor!

Jan 5, 2010

New Year

Start counting.

You start from one, right? (Unless you are trying to be difficult and began with 10 and proceeded in reverse, I'm sure it's one).

A child counts with one and ends at ten. Why then do the idiots in the T.V and internet (in general) are declaring the lists of 'Worst movies of the decade', 'Must Watch in last 10 years', 'The biggest political fiascos' etc.?

Where will the stuff happening in 2010 be included then? Grr. This is like 1999 where it was a big hoopla about the end of a hundred/ thousand years. The welcome 2000 received rightfully belonged to 2001.

Come on everyone, say it with me - 'There is one more year to go, you big dodos'.

Some how, I'm sure our voice is lost to them.

Jan 1, 2010

Spectacular Entertainment

As you can see, I took a big break from my blog. I was waiting for inspiration to happen for a come-back note. And like everything else in my life, it came with a bang (or rather, a crash).

I'm taking down the Christmas decoration. I started with something simple - the tinsel on the wall.

As I removed it, it trailed behind me. I tripped. That's no surprise.

Trying to aviod all the toys strewn across the floor (That's a very, very painful landing, trust me), I pirouette mid-fall. And did a curiously graceful leap throurgh the air and landed hugging the Christmas Tree, rattling all the ornaments.

Needless to say, I promptly sat on the floor and laughed till my heart's content. I don't need anything to entertain me. I can manage that spectacularly all by myself. :)