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May 8, 2010

The over-due one...

Ah, yes, I missed my blog this week- I had a few not-so-awesome adventures this past week.
Again, not my usual style of writing, but this has to be said:

First there was the phone interview at three noon. Stuffed my daughter with food, exhausted her by vigorous play in the park and put her to nap by half past one. Mission accomplished!

Sadly, she woke up right at three, as I picked up the call. So between the muting, sushing, unmuting, answering - The order was not always streamlined. Thus I did sush the interviewer. And thereby I kissed any chances goodbye.

But hey, I do underestimate myself all the time and I have been known to be wrong occasionally. So, drum rolls please (with streamers and a bow, of course) - I got the job. And the best part was being hired without the dreaded face-to-face.

So, my adventure begins here:
Bad traffic making commute a daily strife: Check.
Tried new routes to work: Check.
Got lost while trying new routes to work: Check.
A few U-Turns: Check.
Turned wrong-way into one way street: Check.
Went in squares around the building to find the entrance: Check.
Went in circles in the 4level garage to find a spot: Check.
Parked in a reserved parking for executives: Check.
Charmed the guards: Check.
Got stuck in the elevator: Check.
Got lost in the huge building trying to find the cafe: Check.
Thought my 36 year old Sr.collegue was 24, and treated him accordingly: Check.

And, the icing on the cake: Peered at the 3 forks, 2 spoons and 2 knives at the hi-funda restaurant team-lunch. Surreptitiously peered further at colleagues to confirm and followed suit.

And a final note: All this did not happen on the same day. They were delightfully spread apart on the said week.

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Vidula Srri said...

multifaceted woman!!! Proud of you :) ..and happpy for you on your job and adventures !!