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Apr 24, 2010

A full circle...where cops become buddies.

Ah, the excitement of landing an interview, the frantic preparation on the previous night, the smart turn-out in ironed cothes....and the cops pulling you over?!

Well, that's what happened to me. There I was, just minding my own business, checking the watch, crossing my fingers, reciting the usual answers and driving under the speed limit - only the cops decided to do a 'routine' check of the inspection stickers on the D-day.

And whaddya know? It's expired by 3 days, two of which were weekends. Thus I slipped from fluttering excitement to free-falling fear, in a moment.

They had a trailer with all the knobs and tubes, which could perform the inspection on the spot. I was to drive away with a new inspection sticker and newer violations ticket. Lucky me!

So, I pull-over and hand-over my papers (not the resume). And whaddya know again? My registration is also expired by three days, two of which were weekends too. No Instant Inspection for me.

Hmprf, frantic call to husband with the cryptic: 'They are going to tow the car' results in 'Just nod, shut up, and leave'. A wise advise.

So, I walk back to the cops with my keys and while handing them over, I get attacked by a fit of sentimentality and the tears fall unerringly. As I surreptitiously sniff, one of the cops looks at me and pulls a tissue box from his cruiser.

Armed with the tissues and false bravado, I go "I have been driving for three years now, but never had a parking or speeding ticket. This is the first time you pull me over, and you take away my car? How is that fair?"

My dear husband, from the phone yells, "Shut up, stop talking.. please stop talking now..."

But I go on relentlessly, "I have an interview today, I don't know if I can still perform well"

By now there are four cops around me, listening to me blithering and blabbering. And they take turns saying things like
'Forget we ever stopped you',
'Go do well at the interview, you surely need the job',
'Times are bad, don't let the opportunity go by'. All of them nodding and sympathetically smiling.

All that coxing and no smile from me, so, the last one says "I could take out to dinner tonight, since I was the one who pulled you over".

And my gracious reply? I came up with: "I don't think my husband would agree..."

And they all laugh... I had implied that though I'm interested, my husband will not agree. The joke dawned on me finally, and I crack a tearful smile. The phone is still on, by the way.

They hand over the tickets, call a cab for me, shove me into it cop-style, tell the cabbie not to let me out till I cease crying and bang on the car-roof.

Then, all the four wave at me as I look at them from the back-seat window and wave back. A picturesque Hallmark moment.

As the car rolls forward, my husband says, "Are you sure they were cops?"

I didn't get that job. But almost a year to the date, I have come a full circle and I'm glad to say that I have landed the job at the same office.


Vidula Srri said...
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Gypsy said...

LOL!! I Love this one!

and what did your husband have to say about your reaction on being asked out? :D