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May 13, 2010

Go, Go, Go!

With the new job, I think my blog is going to be 'work-centric' for a while. This week, it's about The Commute.
The things I have seen people do in cars during rush hours:
  • Check face/hair in rear view mirror
  • Pick nose/ear
  • Hold food or drink in one hand and drive with the other
  • Jabber away on the phone
  • Fight with the passenger
  • Fight with the caller on the phone
  • Use GPS 
  • Work on the laptop sitting on passenger seat
  • Read a magazine
  • Yell at kids in the back-seat
  • Bob to the music
  • and finally, look right back at me.
Funnily, not many watching the road.
Scary, eh?


ubergeek said...

Ahem - sounds like you were watching them and not the road either. Should we add one more to the list of people not watching the road ;-)

full_moon_p said...

Well, it was meant to be sarcastic self-depreciation. I'm included in the list by default! :D