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May 22, 2010

Same old, same old.

I have been curiously restless since my birthday and I couldn't figure out why.I was twenty five, now I'm twenty six.
But my routine is the same, my words, my family, my thoughts, my looks, my feelings and my perspectives are still the same.
We never realize that there were expectations - until we are blindsided by disappointments. 
For some bewildering reason, I expected my life to be dramatically, interestingly or at least, infinitesimally altered after my birthday. A dawn of maturity or a bright ray of clarity or a sudden insight into... well, something. But no such thing (or anything remotely like it) has happened yet!

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ubergeek said...

In a couple of years, one thing will change - you will start feeling the weight of the years. I felt 30 looming ahead like this cliff I was gonna crash my plane onto. And it happened. Suddenly felt so old.

As for the blinding insights - they will come :-) Give yourself some private time though - completely alone. Ideally a vacation all alone! Worked for me!