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Jan 5, 2010

New Year

Start counting.

You start from one, right? (Unless you are trying to be difficult and began with 10 and proceeded in reverse, I'm sure it's one).

A child counts with one and ends at ten. Why then do the idiots in the T.V and internet (in general) are declaring the lists of 'Worst movies of the decade', 'Must Watch in last 10 years', 'The biggest political fiascos' etc.?

Where will the stuff happening in 2010 be included then? Grr. This is like 1999 where it was a big hoopla about the end of a hundred/ thousand years. The welcome 2000 received rightfully belonged to 2001.

Come on everyone, say it with me - 'There is one more year to go, you big dodos'.

Some how, I'm sure our voice is lost to them.

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