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Jan 1, 2010

Spectacular Entertainment

As you can see, I took a big break from my blog. I was waiting for inspiration to happen for a come-back note. And like everything else in my life, it came with a bang (or rather, a crash).

I'm taking down the Christmas decoration. I started with something simple - the tinsel on the wall.

As I removed it, it trailed behind me. I tripped. That's no surprise.

Trying to aviod all the toys strewn across the floor (That's a very, very painful landing, trust me), I pirouette mid-fall. And did a curiously graceful leap throurgh the air and landed hugging the Christmas Tree, rattling all the ornaments.

Needless to say, I promptly sat on the floor and laughed till my heart's content. I don't need anything to entertain me. I can manage that spectacularly all by myself. :)

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